[SLE] Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm Problem...

Anders Norrbring anders at norrbring.biz
Tue Jul 8 11:23:56 EDT 2003


I've run into problems, and I can't find any solution wherever I search,
maybe someone here can help out?  I've set up my mail system strictly
according to a HOW-TO I found,
http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO/index.html the
system is a SuSE Pro 8.2.  I followed the HOW-TO down to the letter, and
things actually seems to work.. As long as I don't try to use it...

If I do a connection to p110 with telnet I get this:

+OK mail.the-server.net Cyrus POP3 v2.1.12 server ready
<852089634.1057677301 at mail.the-server.net>
user test0001
+OK Name is a valid mailbox
pass 123456
-ERR [SYS/PERM] Unable to open maildrop

I can't find ANYTHING when I search the web for this error..

Anders Norrbring
Norrbring Consulting

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