API to write to lmtp directly

mb mb/cyrus at dcs.qmul.ac.uk
Wed Jul 9 10:24:12 EDT 2003

At 18:57 +0530 Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:

>It is not that my server is getting loaded up because of the mails.
>After I limt the number of concurrent lmtp connections I am able to
>reduce the db lock errors to a great extent. Now I have set max lmtp
>processes as 100 , But what will happen if my user mailboxes grow to
>4000 from todays 850 then the mails will be delayed forever. By the time
>there will be the next batch to process.
>So I thought if there was a way of directly writing to lmtp and to all
>mailboxes at the same time I will do better

Ahhh.. your postfix is misconfigured, I think. It's trying to hammer lmtp 
with 850 different (simultaneous?) LMTP connections. It ought to be able 
to send them down a single connection--and if it's the same e-mail with 
the same return-path you just need 850 RCPT commands, and Cyrus hard-links 
them for you :) I do this with Exim with "batch_max=1000"; I'm sure the 
Postfix equivalent can be found by searching the archives even of this 

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