IMAP-, Cyrus-BUG or Client-BUG???

Oliver Pitzeier oliver at
Thu Jul 10 10:08:28 EDT 2003

Hi folks!

One of my customers created a folder under her inbox -> "INBOX. entwurf", please
note the space!!!

She tried using that folder as she does usually, but Entourage crashed... OK,
this happens very often - I know... :-)

But it crashed again and again, if she tried using that folder... I gave myself
the rights to use this folder using cyradm. And Outlook had the strange
behaviour, that it downloaded the current message-list again and again. It
didn't stop. Seams like and endless-loop for me....

Using Outlook it wasn't possible to create such a folder (it simply ignors
leading spaces). But with Entourage it was! I believe it's a client problem (->
Entourage), but I'm not sure. So if anybody out there knows the problem, please
tell me.


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