Cyrus support for multiple client access?

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Thu Jul 10 09:54:51 EDT 2003

Ken Murchison wrote:

>> To be more specific, this means we have a mailbox where our customer 
>> sends mail to and about 9 people should be able to be connected to 
>> this mailbox seeing the incoming messages and those, that have been 
>> answererd or seen). Of course, they should be able to answer, delete 
>> or move mails.
> Well, seen state is per user, so you won't know if someone else read 
> the message.  If you allow all of these users to store message flags 
> ('w' right), then you will know when someone else replied via the 
> \Answered flag.  Similarly, allowing the 'd' right will allow the 
> messages to be marked as \Deleted.

You could have a convention of using user-defined labels for messages to 
indicate that someone is taking care of it (which is what I am assuming 
you are interested in for the Seen flags).  If this is for something 
like help desk support, you can make it work (I did at a previous job), 
but setting up a real ticket system isn't that hard and is a lot easier 
to use.

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