Setting ACLs to winbind groups

Marcelino Vallejo marcelinov at
Sun Jul 13 10:48:42 EDT 2003

I've found that installing libnss-mysql I could gave ACLs to non UNIX
groups. Those groups are declared in MySql tables.
One step forward.

Marcelino Vallejo wrote:
> Hi.
> We are trying to not to use UNIX users at all, authenticating through 
> pam and taking all groups members from NT Domain through winbind daemon, 
> in order to set ACLs.
> Have anyone experimented with this?
> We have gave ACL to an NT group in the form of: group: NTDOMAIN+ntuser. 
> Imapd has accepted it but never recognized after that, even if one try 
> to "dam" it. Any ideas?
> At least, is there any chance to take group members from a MySql 
> database in any way?
> Versions:
> OS RH 9
> kernel 2.4.20-18.9
> cyrus-imapd 2.1.13
> cyrus-sasl 2.1.13
> db4-4.0.14
> mysql-3.23.56
> Thanks in advance.

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