Unable to delete folders in shared mailbox

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan ramprasad at netcore.co.in
Thu Jul 17 02:03:22 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 21:10, Brett Thomson wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am rather new to cyrus and wasn't involved in the installation or
> configuration of the cyrus imap server and now have to look after it. So
> please forgive me if this is a stupid question or problem.
> For the company i work for, we have shared mailboxes such as
> support at company.name and info etc.
> I have set the permissions on the mailboxes for each department group to
> have full access to this mailbox. Everyone is able to login/subscribe to
> the imap mailboxes and read, delete and reply to emails but should
> anyone create a imap folder within this mailbox, no one not even the
> creator of the folder can delete it.
> I have tried giving each intervidual user who needs full access to the
> mailbox explict full rights to the mailbox with no luck. People are able
> to delete folders in their own personal mailboxes without a problem.
> I have looked everywhere and have not be able to workout or find
> information on where I have gone wrong. Does anyone know where i can
> find information on this problem or point me in the right direction for
> fixing it.
> Thanks for any help offered in advance
> Brett

It seems just like a unix permission problem. In unix you can
create/delete subfolders and files in a folder only if you have write
permission to the parent folder. Similarly try giving delete access to
the parent folder and then delete the folder



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