Fatal error: word too long

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu Jul 17 12:07:38 EDT 2003

   I got the following error:

Jul 17 08:51:48 jojda cyrus/imapd[7560]: open: user erik opened In.~ SPAM ~
Jul 17 08:51:50 jojda cyrus/imapd[7878]: Fatal error: word too long
Jul 17 08:51:50 jojda cyrus/master[301]: process 7878 exited, status 75
Jul 17 08:53:43 jojda cyrus/master[7908]: about to exec 
Jul 17 08:53:43 jojda cyrus/imaps[7908]: executed
Jul 17 08:53:43 jojda cyrus/imapd[7908]: accepted connection

   any ideas about what does it mean?

   I also got some other errors, not sure if they are related (Could not 
shut down filedescriptor 0: Bad file descriptor) but from MUA (Mozilla) 
it all looks ok - mail is being delivered (not sure if every single 
email is delivered), marked seen etc.



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