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>The envelope recipient given to lmtpd (RCPT TO)
>has to have the correct domain, otherwise lmtpd
>won't find the mailbox path.  If you can't

That seems logical...

Just out of curiosity, why wasn't the LMTP daemon designed to support virtual
domains in the same fashion the Cyrus IMAP server process does...?  Meaning, if
your SMTP servers are on separate machines that connect, via LMTP across the
network, determine from the incoming IP address which domain the mail was intended
to be delivered to...

I can see setting up Postfix, or another MTA, to use a transport table to make an
LMTP delivery to an IP address, regardless of the actual RCPT TO value in the
message, and have Cyrus strip domain from the incoming connection...

Just a thought.


Ken Murchison wrote:

> John C. Amodeo wrote:
> > I do have another question on the same topic...  How can you ensure mail is
> > delivered correctly (via LMTP) if the actual e-mail address is different than
> > the domain Cyrus uses?
> >
> > For instance:
> >
> > (Cyrus server IP)
> > (Cyrus domain)
> >
> > But the actual domain users send mail to is something like:
> >
> > or
> >
> >
> > Is this going to be trouble?
> The envelope recipient given to lmtpd (RCPT TO) has to have the correct
> domain, otherwise lmtpd won't find the mailbox path.  If you can't
> change the addresses that people use externally, you can probably have
> your MTA do the mapping for you.
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