sieve - does not work

Bernhard Erdmann be at
Sun Jul 20 15:47:31 EDT 2003

> Jul 19 20:18:00 onyx-02 timsieved[3362]: can't use home directories

> Bdw: -the 'imapd.conf' has the propertie 'sieveusehomedir: true'

You can't use timsieved in conjunction with storing your sieve scripts 
in the home directories.

a) ~/.sieve and "sieveusehomedir: true": each user can modify his own 
sieve script, no need for using timsieved to upload them to the cyrus 
server, ~/.sieve must be readable for the cyrus user

b) no ~/.sieve and "sieveusehomedir: false": each user must use 
timsieved to access his/her sieve scripts stored in the cyrus server

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