AW: sieve - does not work

Bernhard Erdmann be at
Sun Jul 20 17:38:38 EDT 2003

> In the moment I'm not shure witch the better solution. So let's talk
> about both.

Mainly, it depends on if your Cyrus users have shell logins to the same 
box the Cyrus server is running on or if Cyrus acts as a "sealed server".

> Ok fine, but I have a .sieve file in $home
> -rwxr-xr-x    1 mf       mail          209 2003-07-21 00:56 .sieve

That's not enough for ~/.sieve being readable by the cyrus user. Your 
$HOME and all the directories in the path above have to be accessible 
for the cyrus user, too. And there is no need for .sieve being executable.

> How do I tell the system that sieve should not use timsieved?

By stating "sieveusehomedir: true". Cyrus will look in your $HOME for 
sieve scripts and if someone tries to use timsieved, it will refuse to 
work. In addition, you should disable sieve/timsieved in /etc/cyrus.conf.

> How do the user store the scripts in the cyrus server?

By means of sieveshell:

[be at ente be]$ /opt/cyrus/bin/sieveshell localhost
connecting to localhost
Please enter your password:
 > put .sieve default
 > activate default
 > list
default  <- active script
 > quit
[be at ente be]$

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