Multiple master processes?

Scott Adkins adkinss at
Tue Jul 22 16:27:00 EDT 2003

With the lock problems we had with LMTP in 2.0.16, we are thinking about
maybe running two master processes, one configured just for LMTP and the
other for all the other stuff.  We would gain the added benefit that we
could actually run the LMTP master process on one cluster member of our
Tru64 5.1a cluster and the rest of the stuff on the other member.

I am curious about the experiences of others out there that might have
run more than one cyrus master on the same server for whatever reason...
Are there any issues with interacting with the databases?  My guess is
that as locking is working properly, there should be any issues at all.
I just needed to confirm it with others first before we look at putting
this philosophy into production.

By the way, with regards to the locking issues:

  1) Yes, I have the lock patch that has been posted applied, so we are
     less likely to see it.

  2) No, we aren't going to limit the LMTP processes to some ridiculously
     low number so that there is a 1:1 relationship of LMTP processes to
     IMAP partitions.  I/O performance is a bit more complex than that...

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