installing/running cyrus.

Robert Scussel rscuss at
Thu Jul 24 09:54:44 EDT 2003

Do you have multiple versions of Berkeley db on your machine?

It might make it easier for this and other programs that link against it 
to remove all of the berkeley versions prior to 4.1.25 if that is an 
option. I have had multiple problems with multiple versions of berkeley 
on the same machine.

Otherwise you can look at the config.log to see what what it links 
against in there and make sure that it is in you LD_LIBRARY_PATH as 
Mitrana suggested.


Jacob bager wrote:
> So i should check my Path and recompile?
> Robert Scussel writes:
>> This is an error, master will not run like this. You are somehow 
>> compiling it against berkeley 4.1.25 then dynamically loading the 
>> berkeley 4.0.14db libraries.
>> I have had this when I tried to do a make install after I had already 
>> made cyrus, but I had upgraded berkeley, or if you specify a specific 
>> place for configure to look for the berkeley libs that is different 
>> from your system's default location.
>> HTH,
>> B
>> Jacob bager wrote:
>>> hi there..
>>> I've just finished compiling/installing cyrus.
>>> but when i testrun /usr/cyrus/bin/master
>>> i get this in my imapd.log
>>>     ctl_cyrusdb[14718]: checkpointing cyrus databases
>>>     incorrect version of Berkeley db: compiled against 4.1.25, linked 
>>> against 4.0.14db
>>> is this an error, or just a warning ?
>>> Jacob Bager
>>> developer
> Jacob Bager
> developer

Robert Scussel
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