cyrus auto account provisioning

Simon Brady simon.brady at
Wed Jul 30 00:01:24 EDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, joe ritter wrote:

> I wanted to see how people were doing any kind of auto
> account provisioning using Cyrus IMAP . We currently
> do not have any automated system for adding users or
> deleteing them etc. We use a combination of Cyrus and
> squirrelmail for our users. I know some posters on
> this list are from an ISP sytle environment and I
> wanted to find out what was working
> opensource/freeware, homegrown scripts, web font ends
> etc? 

My site (a university with ~20K users) uses a suite of locally-written 
perl wrapped around the Net::IMAP module. There's a shell frontend 
for helpdesk staff to manually create staff mailboxes, and a 
bulk-processing frontend which picks up batches of students to add or 
remove as provided by our student management system (while only the latter 
counts as auto-provisioning, the common backend simplifies manual 
operations too).

As well as mailbox creation the scripts do things like LDAP updates and
delivery of standard welcome messages - it's highly site-specific and more
than a little crufty, but it does the job for us.

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