Could not complete request over quota errors

twk twk at
Wed Jul 30 15:52:41 EDT 2003

joe ritter wrote:
> Hello,
> We had a migration here a couple of weeks ago from a
> UW Imap setup to Cyrus. The old UW Imap setup was not
> enforcing any quotas. We have a handful of users who
> had mail folders migrated that were larger than the
> new defauult quota for mailboxes. When these users log
> in via squirrelmail and try to delete mails in their
> inbox the recieve the following message:
> Could not complete request.
> Reason Given: Over quota
> This is an odd catch 22 situation. I wanted to see if
> anybody had  experienced this before and what they
> were able to do to fix this.

These kinds of problems are not uncommon. Squirrelmail is probably 
trying to move the messages to a Trash folder, which is on the server, 
which is now over quota. Have Squirrelmail delete the messages 
immediately and it should work.


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