requiring encryption but not from localhost?

tsg tsg at
Wed Jul 30 04:54:35 EDT 2003

You can have a look here (do not forget last slash!)
there are conf files for all applications to build a secure mail server. User 
can connect to Cyrus-IMAP only imaps/pop3s ports. All connects without 
encryption refused.
Web-mail. Squiremail (version 1.4 and above) can connect to IMAP also using 
SSL channel. Horde also. So you do not need any exception for localhost. Jast 
place your webmail package under https tree in Apache.

30 Июль 2003 10:12, Matt Bernstein написал:
> Today we're trying to forbid any access to our imapd without encryption,
> so I upped the sasl_minimum_layer to 128, and two things happened: first,
> LOGIN still works unencrypted; second, timsieved started refusing logins
> from avelsieve (a Squirrelmail plugin).
> So.. is there a way to really require encryption from any host except
> localhost? If not, could there be please? This would solve both of my
> problems!
> Matt
> [I can fix the second problem by upgrading to PHP 4.3, but (unfortunately)
> the box is Debian system and I know of no packages for PHP 4.3 even in
> unstable..]

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