Multiple domains and Cyrus/Web-cyradm

David Hearn dave at
Wed Jul 30 12:25:51 EDT 2003

Okay - from searching through the archives etc - I can't seem to find a way of implementing an alias domain (which maps to a main domain's accounts - eg. bob at is mapped to bob at and so is every other account without creating separate accounts for this domain.  I tried adding to the Postfix var $mydestination - and also to the virtual_alias_domains var but Postfix complained that no local account was there for bob at

Therefore, I'm planning on having a perl script do a SELECT * FROM virtual WHERE alias = ??? and then automatically create enties in virtual table with alias = ??? but keeping the 'dest' and 'username' fields as ???  Hopefully this would create all the necessary local aliases to allow what I want to work.

Does this sound sensible?  I propose that either I modify web-cyradm to run the Perl script when a new account is added, or just run it as a cron job regularly (with a check that the entry doesn't already exist etc).


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  I've got Cyrus/Postfix/Web-cyradm set up to handle our main domain email (will go live next week hopefully).  However, I've just realised that we also have a few other domains which are all just aliases to the main domain.  How can I set this up?  We currently use EIMS on a Mac and that happily has alias domains in there and maps them all to the main domain's accounts.

  Typical that I remember this a few days before we planned to go live!


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