mailboxes "Gel ö schte Elemente" and "Gesendete Elemente" - can't delete this folders

Michael Grundmann michael at
Thu Jul 31 00:43:50 EDT 2003


this folder are created by cyrus! they are visible for every user. how can i
delete them? 
cyradmin shows following:

Entw&APw-rfe (\HasNoChildren)
Gel&APY-schte Elemente (\HasNoChildren)
Gesendete Elemente (\HasNoChildren)

$<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gel&APY-schte Elemente michael cd
syntax error: cannot deal with `&' here
$<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gelöschte Elemente michael cd
usage: setaclmailbox mailbox id rights [id rights ...]
$<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gelöschte\ Elemente michael cd
setaclmailbox: michael: cd: Mailbox does not exist
$<2>localhost> $<2>

any hints?


Microsoft isn't the answer.
Microsoft is the question,
and the answer is no.        --   Grant Edwards

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