Problems with Cyrus and SquirrelMail

Geoff Soper geoff.cyrus at
Fri Dec 12 03:06:56 EST 2003


They're running 1.5.24. I don't really have any access to the mail server
but support are quite helpful. I can't see this test area in the setup, is
it in the Can anyone suggest some commands to try?


> It may be a good idea to get the version of Cyrus your hosting company
> using.  How much access do you have to the Cyrus server and its setup?
> run a Cyrus server and I was able to setup SM with a few plugins in
> 20 minutes.  They must have something funny setup.
> Under the options setting there is an area to test your IMAP server.  I
have no idea what commands you would try but this is a fairly easy way
> "test" the server.  I am sure someone on this list could give you a
command or two to try....
> Good luck...
> Mike
>> On 12/5/03 12:37 PM Geoff Soper wrote:
>>> I've installed SquirrelMail (a PHP IMAP webmail client) on my
>>> and have it acessing my account on the mail server running Cyrus. Both
>>> commercially hosted and the hosting company doesn't support webmail
software. I have a problem with replying to messages, almost everytime
>>> go to send the reply I get:
>>> ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.
>>> Query: STORE 753:753 +FLAGS (\Answered)
>>> By searching the source code and not finding this error I assume it comes
>>> from Cyrus. I'm guessing it's having problems setting the answered
>>> on
>>> the message that was replied to? Can anyone suggest why this might be the
>>> case? Does anyone have any experience of SquirrelMail and Cyrus? What can
>>> I do next in the way of diagnosis or remedy?
>> Every time I set up SM with Cyrus and use altnamespace I always have to
>> $noselect_fix_enable            = true;
>> in config/config.php
>> *shrug*
>> --Jo

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