Murder and POP3

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Dec 9 08:38:45 EST 2003

Andreas S. Kerber wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 03:02:36PM +0100, Andreas S. Kerber wrote:
>>Yes the "test" User has a mailbox on the backend and it is possible
>>login as the "test" User on the backend, without any problems. Accessing
>>the INBOX via IMAP works too (I've used mutt). Here is the output
>>from the "SELECT" via imtest.
> [...]
> JFI I've just found what the problem with Murder+POP3 and IMAP 2.1.16
> was.
> <hostname>_mechs: (which is documented in 2.2-BETA), needed to be set
> on the frontend. If it is not set, IMAP works (it used DIGEST-MD5 to talk to the
> backend) but POP3 immediatly failed after the user authenticatet on the frontend.
> The murder works fine now :-)
> Is anybody using 2.2-BETA in a production environment or is it currently
> better to use 2.1.16 (with skiplist)?

I've been running 2.2 on my production box since I started working on 
2.2, without any problems.  I know some others on th elist apparently 
are running it too.  CMU is going to move to 2.2 over the winter break.

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