Sieve vacation question : does :addresses match case-insensitively ?

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Mon Dec 15 11:55:46 EST 2003

Hi Cyrus,

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|| Does the :addresses parameter will be matched case insentively, meaning
|| that the vacation will also trigger for mail addressed to
|| Some.Email at ?
| Good question - the vacation spec is not clear on that. The RFC2821 spec
| actually says that the local part of an address (to the left of the @) is
| case-sensitive, whilst the domain part (to the right of the @) is not.
| Thus ' at' and 'Some.Email at' are not the
| same. Of course it turns out that many implementations do treat those as
| the same, so there does need to be a way to handle that in vacation. The
| SIEVE base-spec gets around this by allowing comparisons (with either
| case-sensitive or case-insensitive comparators) against the local or
| domain part of an address separately if so desired. I will bring this
| matter up on the sieve list as it needs to be cleared up wrt vacation.

Further to this I see that newer versions of CMU SIEVE do case-insensitive 
comparisons, but older versions did not - perhaps Ken/Rob can confirm when 
that change was made so you can decide whether you need to upgrade/patch.

Cyrus Daboo

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