cannot login with cyradm

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Dec 18 05:09:52 EST 2003

> Hi,
>> If all you are going to allow are plaintext mechanisms, either remove
>> the non-plaintext SASL plugins, specify 'sasl_mech_list: PLAIN LOGIN'
>> in imapd.conf, or use the '--auth login' option to cyradm.
> Neither did work; I moved everything apart from
> /usr/local/lib/sasl2/libplain.* to another directory.
> I added 'sasl_mech_list: PLAIN LOGIN' to imapd.conf and I tried 'cyrus
> --user cyrus localhost' as well as 'cyrus --user cyrus --auth login
> localhost'. Now there appears another error message:
>         Login failed: generic failure at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.1/
> \
>         i586-linux-thread-multi/Cyrus/IMAP/ line 118

You may search the list for the error 'line 118'. It has been discussed
before but I don't remember what has been the problem.

Where are your passwords stored. If you're using PAM, make sure saslauthd
is running, the mux socket is accessible and you have a cyrus user stored
whever they are stored.


> Nora

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