Urgent help needed - ctl_cyrusdb[3698]: DBERROR db3: /var/imap/mailboxes.db: unexpected file type or format

Oliver Simon osimon at picturesafe.de
Wed Dec 17 07:24:31 EST 2003

Hi all,

Thanks to Ken, who has given me the straight tip !
What helped was the following:

./db_recover -c -v -h /var/imap/db.backup2 -t 20031215

-c means catastrohpical recover
-v verbose (where verbose seems to be a very relative thing, for 1 1/2
hours I did not see what the machine is doing ...)
-h home of the location to recover
-t timestamp to go back to [CC]YYMMDD[hhmm]

This, I think, recovered the file to a format, that cyrus was happy
with, again.

Immediately after the successful recover, I installed an amanda and did
a big backup ;-) , now maybe I can sleep a little better ...

Thanks ! ...olli

Am Die, den 16.12.2003 schrieb Ken Murchison um 18:37:
> Oliver Simon wrote:
> > Help please !!!
> > 
> > Looks like a big big problem ....
> > 
> > Something has corrupted my mailbox.db, and I think, I have to bite my
> > ars%$. There is no backup ... About 50 users, Between 20 k and 30 MB
> > mailboxes ... Please help, what can I do to recover this ?
> > Working with web-cyradm, Postfix 2.1.15 and cyrus 2.15 (?)
> > 
> > ctl_cyrusdb[3698]: DBERROR db3: /var/imap/mailboxes.db: unexpected file
> > type or format
> You can try db_recover.  If that fails, read the BDB docs and utilizing 
> the backups in /var/imap/db.backup1/ and /var/imap/db.backup2/

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