Quota problems...

John Lockard jlockard at umich.edu
Tue Dec 16 19:12:53 EST 2003

I accidentally ran 'quota -f' on my system.  This cleared
every single quota that I had set on my Cyrus IMAP system.
Luckily I had seconds earlier run 'quota' so I had a full
list of what the quotas should be.

Unfortunately, the system has most of the users listed as
having 0 for their usage:
   30720       0       0 user.zhaberer
   30720       0       0 user.zwright
   30720       0       0 user.zzheng

%var/spool/imap/z/user/zhaberer> du -sk .
112336  .

Yes, I know that du will not accurately show the email usage
for a user because of the 'cyrus.' files.

Just to check things out, I set a quota on my own user, which
showed '0' for usage which is *way* wrong.  I then ran
'quota -f user.jlockard' which wiped my quota.  I then set
my quota again, ran a 'reconstruct -r user.jlockard' and
then ran 'quota user.jlockard' which was still incorrect.
On an off chance, I ran 'quota -f user.jlockard' again and
it "fixed" my quota settings.

To me this doesn't seem like "proper" results.

Oh...  Cyrus-IMAPD 2.1.11 on RedHat Linux 7.3 with
2.4.20-24.7smp kernel.


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