configuring cyrus from rpm

Ronen Amity amity at
Thu Dec 25 02:24:33 EST 2003

took the time, but i finaly figured it out.
cyrus wanted the sasl mux in /var/run, while cyrus-saslauth was configued 
for /var/state ...

10x anyway.

At 07:17 PM 12/24/2003, Nils Vogels wrote:
>Ronen Amity wrote:
>>Im trying to configure the cyrus sasl that comes with redhat Advance 
>>Server 3.0.
>>i want to work with authontication from passwd.
>>i have trouble configuring it, or to reinstall from tarball.
>It would be very helpful if you would be a bit more explanatory on what 
>you are trying to achieve here.
>What did you do ? What went wrong ? What did you expect to happen ? What 
>was on your screen at the moment the bad thing occured ?
>Do you have relevant logfiles ? Etc :-)
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