2.2.2-beta new cyradm features?

Amos Gouaux +archive.info-cyrus at utdallas.edu
Wed Dec 24 01:03:58 EST 2003

>>>>> On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 22:33:02 -0600,
>>>>> Amos Gouaux <+archive.info-cyrus at utdallas.edu> (ag) writes:

ag> I notice in the 'help' command for 2.2.2-beta cyradm there's 
ag> the following:

ag> mboxcfg, mboxconfig               configure mailbox
ag> setinfo                           set server metadata

ag> What do these do?  Is this related to annotations?

Ah yes.  Pretty slick.

localhost> mboxcfg news.utd.test expire 7 
localhost> info news.utd.test            
  expire: 7
  lastupdate: 22-Dec-2003 02:31:30 -0600
  partition: news2
  size: 135530


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