How do you do Cyrus logins with

Oliver Jones oliver at
Sun Dec 28 21:53:29 EST 2003

> This happens if your interfaces on the email server do not have reverse
> lookup.  Otherwise imapd will fully qualify all userids unless they are
> already fully qualified.

Right.  I did notice my IP's don't have PTR records.  I've sent a
request to my ISP to give them PTRs.

On a related note, how does the defaultdomain config variable interact
with virtual domains?  I get the impression from the docs that cyrus
should append the default domain to logins without a domain part.  It
doesn't seem to on 2.2.2.

> I guess my previous response was not clear. imapd is not splitting the
> userid, sasl lib is.  You will need to use an older version of cyrus-sasl,
> not sure which one.

Hmm.  I'm using 2.1.17 (Simon Matter's RPM).  Like I said in a previous
email the saslauthd test program doesn't seem to split the userid on the
@.  But then it probably isn't useing sasl_checkpass (which is what
seems to be doing the split).

> > Note that I am use the 2.2.2BETA distro.  Would it be wiser to fetch a
> > more recent CVS snapshot?  Does the CVS version correct this (I believe)
> > errant behaviour?
> Yes, although this behavior is not different.

Is there a specific cvs tag you could recommend or should I just pull
out HEAD?  Is there more danger of getting a broken build from CVS?  How
stable is the HEAD branch?

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