Created mailboxes are not showing up.

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Dec 30 13:04:11 EST 2003

What version of Cyrus and how is it configured?  Are you using the 
altnamespace, unixhiersep or virtdomains options?  From looking at the 
source, the only ways that you can get the "Invalid mailbox name" error 
is if the name includes a wildcard, a trailing separator, is too long or 
you're trying to create a mailbox in a different domain.

JLB wrote:

> I know that THAT isn't the problem. Since it worked BEFORE this doofus
> came in and completely changed the imap system (without providing any
> notes to anyone). :) Our copy of SquirrelMail HAS NOT CHANGED since the
> 'old days', when we ran plain old despicable UW IMAPD, and things just
> worked. So since SquirrelMail has NOT changed (no, we haven't even upraded
> it!)... I know that's not it.
> On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Rob Siemborski wrote:
>>On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, JLB wrote:
>>>>Right -- squirrelmail still needs them to subscribe to the folders.
>>>>>>What mailbox name are you trying to create?
>>>>>A valid name. You know, like "asdfasdf". All letters, only a few
>>>>>characters. I'm dense, but I'm not THAT dense. I tried many 'valid' names.
>>>>>"testing", "asdfsadf", "fnord", "foobar"... I didn't try to create a
>>>>>mailbox called "I at 5 * 5u2t/t 9898#" or anything ;)
>>>>Unless you are using altnamespace, you probably want to create
>>>In the Folder Settings page of SquirrelMail's server configuration (i.e.
>>>when you run "config/" from the SquirrelMail base directory), it
>>>specifies that the default folder 'prefix' is indeed INBOX.
>>Ah, then you are creating INBOX.testing and so on.
>>I wonder if there is an extra character that shouldn't be there sneaking
>>in (like a newline).
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