nntp fiddling

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Tue Dec 30 15:12:30 EST 2003

Amos Gouaux wrote:

> So, if I leave this imapd.conf setting blank, does that mean all
> folders that I have access to via IMAP should appear as NNTP news
> groups (authenticated login)?
>      newsprefix: <none>
>           Prefix to be prepended to newsgroup names to  make  the
>           corresponding IMAP mailbox names.
> Just fiddling around it seems as if I see everything except those
> folders under "user.".  Is that correct?  I noticed some old posts
> that indicated any folder should be viewable, but so far in my test
> environment I'm not seeing that....  Mainly just curious.....

I specifically do not serve user.* via NNTP, mainly because I figured 
somebody might screw something up.  But since I now have relatively good 
access controls, I can probably remove this restriction.

I also thought it might be disconcerting for users to see their personal 
folders (e.g. user.ken.*) as "newsgroups".

> It's funny.  Ages ago I remember a friend going on about how cool
> it was to read mail via nn.  Personally I couldn't get my head
> around it, but now I'm playing with NNTP access to an IMAP server.
> Funny how things go around like that, given enough time.....  (Of
> course I'm posting this via Gnus, another news reader!  ;-)

How are things running?  Any issues with NNTP clients or servers?

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