mbxcvt and self signed certificates

Matt Henkel guildencrantz at menagerie.cc
Thu Aug 7 02:43:24 EDT 2003

I have been having a heck of a time converting my old unix system mailboxes
to the cyrus server.  I used the script that was provided by O'Reilly's
Managing Imap, but it only works on some mailboxes.  On others I get the

[guildencrantz at ophelia guildencrantz]$ ./user2cyrus mail/amazon localhost
Enter your IMAP username: guildencrantz
Enter your IMAP password:
Login: OK-User logged in
Create: OK-Completed
Transferring mail/amazon...
Wide character in syswrite at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/IO/Handle.pm line 445, <GEN0>
line 10.
[guildencrantz at ophelia guildencrantz]$

I've tried a few other scripts, none of which work for one reason or
another, so I decided to get and compile mbxcvt.  The only problem (so far)
with this is that it is choking when it sees my self signed certificate:

[guildencrantz at ophelia mbxcvt]$ ./mbxcvt ~guildencrantz/mail/amazon imap
Mailbox /home/guildencrantz/mail/amazon is in unix format and has 39
%rsh to IMAP server timed out
[Trying IP address []]
?Certificate failure for localhost: self signed certificate:
/C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Boston/O=Menagerie Enterprises/OU=Mail
Team/CN=menagerie.cc/Email=postmaster at menagerie.cc
?Can't create mailbox {localhost/user=guildencrantz}amazon
[guildencrantz at ophelia mbxcvt]$

Does anybody have any suggestions for me?


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