Possibly watchdog to restart certain processes?

David Hearn dave at swampie.org.uk
Mon Aug 11 05:44:44 EDT 2003

Over the weekend, our new postfix/cyrus/amavis-new mail server had a problem.  It seemed that nqmgr couldn't connect to and so queued up the email.  I think it was related to the lmtp connection to amavis-new as restarting postfix/mysql/saslauthd/spamassassin didn't do anything, but once I'd restarted amavis (and then postfix) it started working again.

So - is there anything I can can do to check if the each individual piece of software is working, and if not restart it?  Or maybe check that the overall input/output of email is working and therefore restart all the mail-related processes if it doesn't appear to be working.


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