creating users

Norman Zhang nzhang at
Tue Aug 12 17:50:48 EDT 2003


>>>> To allow users' to change password on their own do I need
>>>> web-cyradm?
>>> Also depends on how you configured SASL. Its mainly a question of
>>> where you store your user accounts. If e.g. using auxprop mysql you
>>> could easily use a squirrelmail plugin which knows how to update
>>> your database. But that really depends on your setup!
>> If I setup MySQL and squirrelmail, could the user be able to change
>> his password on the fly (i.e., both passwd and saslpasswd)?
> What do you mean by 'both passwd and saslpasswd'? If you configure
> cyrus-imapd to use PAM->MySQL, all passwords you need are stored in
> MySQL. You don't even need saslpasswd. If you want other services on
> your box to authenticate against MySQL, just configure them via PAM.
> There is no need to store any normal user accounts in /etc/passwd.

Thank you for your answers. They clarified lots bubbles in my head.

I have compiled and placed it under /lib/security/. Now, to get
pam_mysql authenticate for cyrus. Do I need to replace imap, pop, lmtp under
/etc/pam.d as follows?

auth       required     /lib/security/ service=system-auth
account    required     /lib/security/ service=system-auth

auth       optional     /lib/security/ user=cyrus
account    required     /lib/security/ user=cyrus


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