Whose fault? vacation messages bounce to postmaster.

mark london mrl at psfc.mit.edu
Tue Aug 12 11:49:29 EDT 2003

>From: Robert Scussel <rscuss at omniti.com>
>I don't see the Reply-To in the headers that you have posted. I 
>would think that this is the cause of your bounces going back to 
>your postmaster.

Why doesn't it simply reply to the From: address, as would happen if 
one didn't have a Reply-to address?  In any event, I added a reply-to 
address in squirrelmail, it didn't show up in the vacation message 

From: "Kevin P. Fleming" <kpfleming at cox.net>
>You've indirectly answered your own question. Automated responses, 
>like vacation responses, are always sent using a null sender, to 
>avoid message loops.
>If the response was sent using the original recipient's address as 
>the sender, where would the bounce be sent? If it was sent to the 
>original recipient, that would trigger the vacation response again.

The bounce would be from the local postmaster address, not from the 
original address that was bogus.  Theoretically, one's vacation 
program should not respond to messages from postmaster, if set up 
correctly.  In any event, again, why should it care if the sender is 
null, shouldn't it reply to the From: address anyway?


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