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Rob Siemborski rjs3 at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Aug 13 10:34:45 EDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Per Steinar Iversen wrote:

> Ah, I understand, not very detailed documentation on fud :-)
> \Recent is a problem as many of our users seems to like to be logged in on
> several machines at the same time and all of these poll for new mail - I
> imagine that \Recent then will be mostly zero, even if there is a lot of
> new mail that has not actually been read.

A similar argument, can, of course, be made for \Seen:  many users will
read mail, than remove the \Seen flag if they want to come back to it

> In older versions of Cyrus (1.6.*) the seen information was stored in a
> simple format in cyrus.seen and it was easy to make a utility to extract
> the number of messages and the number of messages unread. With 2.1.* the
> data structure of the seen-file is more complex even when converted to the
> flat format. Is there any easy way to determine which record correspond to
> INBOX in the flat format?

I strongly advise you not to go mucking about in the internals of Cyrus,
as they are subject to change at any time.  If you really wanted to do
this, you're probably better off modifying fud.

To do what you want though, you have a sequence of steps like the

1) look up location of user.username
2) open cyrus.header file
3) extrace unique identifier
4) open user.seen file
5) use unique identifier as index into seen state


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