deliver.db help/understanding needed...THANKS

Brian K. Becknell beck at
Tue Aug 19 08:59:45 EDT 2003

Thanks to everyone for their information...

I was keying in on the deliver.db because when we initially converted
to cyrus this database was a killer. I turned it off and things have
been better. That is until the "student test load" returned.
Now it looks like the mailboxes.db file is the gotcha.
In looking at the performance notes.. I knew there were two more items to
lookat. tmpfs for /var/imap/proc and movin the /var/imap directory to a
disk to itself. Those are now done and hopefully it will solve the
problems we were having because I cannot throw any more hardware at it.

Thanks again for list's help.

>> I noticed something today....
>> I have imapd.conf: duplicatesuppression: no
>> but I still have a /var/imap/deliver.db and it's time stamp indicated
>> that
 it is still being accessed/written to.
>> lsof of the lmtp process shows it is also accessed.
> I think "duplicatesupression" is just one consumer of that db. I think
> Sieve uses it, too. Therefore, LMTPD must update it.

> Nix.
Yes, the duplicate delivery database is still used by sieve to prevent
mail loops with vacation and redirect.


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