Problem about Virtual Domain

Olivier Kaloudoff kalou at
Wed Aug 20 11:51:30 EDT 2003

Hi Kai,

	you have to logon to the cyrus server
using "cyradm localhost", for example, and issue
the command:

cm user1    (short for create mailbox)
(then, use sq, short for setquota, to setup
the limits)

	cyradm is a front-end to your cyrus
mail server, written in perl, and for which perl
modules are included in the cyrus-imapd distribution


On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Kai wrote:

>Hi list.
> I am using Postifx+Cyrus-imap-2.2.
>Now my postfix can receive virtual domain's mail and deliver to cyrus. but
>even I created the mailbox in cyradm,I still got the following message:
>user1 at virtual.domain : data format error. Command output: user1: Mailbox
>does not exist.
>I checked my imapd's log and found only the left-hand-side of email was
>delivered by Cyrus.
>the log......
>Aug 20 05:30:09 www master[13358]: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/lmtpd
>Aug 20 05:30:09 www lmtpunix[13358]: executed
>Aug 20 05:30:09 www lmtpunix[13358]: accepted connection
>Aug 20 05:30:09 www lmtpunix[13358]: lmtp connection preauth'd as postman
>Aug 20 05:30:09 www lmtpunix[13358]: append_check() of 'user.user1' failed
>would someone help me ? thanks very much.

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