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Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Sun Aug 31 13:28:19 EDT 2003

Andrew Morgan wrote:

> The man page for squatter says:
> Any messages appended to the mailbox after squatter is run, will NOT be
> included in the index.
> <snip>
> NOTE: Messages and mailboxes that have not been indexed CAN still be
> SEARCHed, just not as quickly as those with a SQUAT index.
> One thing is not entirely clear to me.  What happens if I run squatter to
> create an index, then I receive a new message (which the man page says
> will not be in the squatter index), and then I do a SEARCH?  Will the
> search ignore the new message entirely, or is it smart enough to use the
> squatter index, then check everything that is not in the squatter index?

Yes, it is that smart.

> Also, what recommendations are there for running squatter?  Should I run
> it daily?  What would an entry in cyrus.conf for squatter look like?

   # index mailing list archives
   squat         cmd="squatter archive.*" at=0415

Note that in 2.2, there is a "/squat" mailbox annotation that can be 
set, so that you don't have to enumerate all of the mailboxes on the 
squatter command line.  You just set/unset the "/squat" annotation on 
the desired mailboxes (which is inherited by children  -- eg, a whole 
tree can be squatted with one annotation), and run 'squatter -a', and 
squatter will automatically squat the correct mailboxes.  This allows 
users to have their own mailboxes squatted w/o having to bother the admin.

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