cyrus 2.2a and virtual domain support

Franz Skale franz.skale at
Wed Apr 2 08:39:18 EST 2003

Yes !
I have a production machine with multiple domains on it.
If you use sendmail be warned to use the mailertable feature to deliver
mails directly to the lmtp domain socket.
No problems at all at this point.
Vhosts are crated automatcally by using cyradmins cm command.

Eg.: cm user at
      cm user at

	The dirs are now directly created.
You don't have to use the -d option with mkimap.

Also the bynari insight connector works well with it.
Another goodie is the working SMTP-Auth with sendmail but you have to
patch the configure file if you are using a deb source package.
I have build a sendmail 8.12.9 deb with saslv2 and is also working
You only have to insert "pwcheck_method: sasldb" in the file



On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 13:21, Markus Welsch wrote:
> hi all,
> is anybody using extensively cyrus 2.2a with virtual domain support ?
> if so what are your experiences ?
> greetings,
> markus
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