cyrus 2.2a and virtual domain support

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at
Wed Apr 2 08:43:07 EST 2003

Franz Skale wrote:

> Yes !
> I have a production machine with multiple domains on it.

what do you count as multiple domains ?

> If you use sendmail be warned to use the mailertable feature to deliver
> mails directly to the lmtp domain socket.

i'll be using postfix :-)

> No problems at all at this point.
> Vhosts are crated automatcally by using cyradmins cm command.
> Eg.: cm user at
>       cm user at
> 	The dirs are now directly created.
> You don't have to use the -d option with mkimap.

that sounds pretty much like the setup is easy. that rules :-))

> Also the bynari insight connector works well with it.
> Another goodie is the working SMTP-Auth with sendmail but you have to
> patch the configure file if you are using a deb source package.
> I have build a sendmail 8.12.9 deb with saslv2 and is also working
> perfectly.
> You only have to insert "pwcheck_method: sasldb" in the file
> /etc/mail/sasl/Sendmail.conf.

Well I'll be using postfix with sasl support and so it isn't a problem - 
no patch required :-)


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