Using "SASL" or "Cyrus" type database in Postfix

Michael Fair michael at
Fri Apr 4 20:58:21 EST 2003

Since so many of us use Postfix I was wondering
if we could solve the "Postfix needs userdb entry
before delivery" problem by adding a method by
which Postfix could lookup the mailbox in one
of Cyrus' databases.

Originally I was thinking of pointing Postfix at
mailboxes.db and adding a new DB class called "cyrus"
to read from it, but I then wondered if the SASL
database couldn't be used as well (since the mailbox
names match the authorization names).

Anybody have any thoughts, or done any Postfix 
hacking that could tell how easy or difficult
this would be?

The intent would be to give Postfix a native method
for using one of Cyrus' databases as a "virtual" map.

This would alleviate the requirement that adding users
to Postfix is either pulling "double duty" by entering
them twice, or turning off virtual user lookups entirely
by using the "mydomains" entry.

A third possibility would be to enhance somehow enhance
Cyrus to pull it's User DB from LDAP (or some other DB
Postfix already supports) and automatically create
a user's mailbox they have been authorized and some 
"hasMailbox" flag has been set in the outside DB.

Just an idea and some thoughts, anyone have any other
feedback on this?

-- Michael --

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