DBLocker / High Load / IMP ... ?

Elmo Recio erecio at storm.jmc.tju.edu
Sun Apr 6 23:52:19 EDT 2003

I started to get DB4 errors with 164 lockers and more. Since I wrote the 
first email, the load has gone from a 0.75 to 189.0. :( we just 
installed this box to replace the older one, and as a result need to 
update it to rehdat 8.0, was running on redhat 7.2 using pam (but PAM is 
not supported in cyrus imapd) I have to use saslauthd.

I noticed, however, that when I disable IMP (from a remote machine), the 
server load goes down significantly. Since I started writing this email, 
the load on the email server went down from 189 to 8 righ tnow. I 
noticed somewhere elase on the internet that there was a similar problem 
with 2.0.16. I am running 2.1.12.

Any help would be appreaciated. There are 25,000 users on this system, 
and I think i only have till 9am before i get flogged. :-\


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