timsieved, proxy-user and CRAM-MD5

Wolfgang Hottgenroth woho at hottis.de
Mon Apr 7 09:01:13 EDT 2003


I'm using cyrus-sasl-2.1.12 and cyrus-imap-2.1.12.

I've some problems authenticating with a proxy-user at timsieved. My
own code based on perl-sieve (from websieve), where I put the cram-md5
authentication code from imap-admin in. It didn't work. So I left my
code and went to sivtest, just to found the same problems ;-(

So: I've a proxyservers entry 'sieveprovprox' in my imapd.conf, and I've an
existing mailbox vM1009.

Now I issue: (Yes, the master is running on 'localhost' and timsieved
is in my cyrus.conf.)

  sivtest -a sieveprovprox -u vM1009 -w xxx -m DIGEST-MD5 localhost

This works fine. I see 'Authenticated'.

But I haven't the Perl code to do the DIGEST-MD5 authentication handy,
this isn't enough for me, I issue:

  sivtest -a sieveprovprox -u vM1009 -w xxx -m CRAM-MD5 localhost

This didn't work. I see 'Authentication failed. generic failure'

Jumping into the code of timsieved, I found the sasl_getprop returns
for SASL_USERNAME with DIGEST-MD5 the username given with '-u' above
while it returns with CRAM-MD5 the proxyname given with '-a'.

And, indeed, proxying with imtest and CRAM-MD5 authenticates, but as
soon as I try to select the INBOX, I see the problem again. (Needless
to say that with DIGEST-MD5 everything works fine.)

Seem like a problem in cyrus-sasl-2 to me. Or is this a feature I
didn't understand? Or is it an already known bug?


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