Concerned WAS RE: recovering from mailbox.db corruption cyrus 2_2

E M Recio erecio at
Mon Apr 7 15:04:47 EDT 2003

> 	There's any good documentation about this? Maybe the IMAP book
> from ORA?

There's an IMAP book by orielly, but it's out of date. The mailboxes.db
file is as good as the version of berkley DB which is being used. Which
(as I found out this morning) is not as good as skiplist.

Of course, there's no better documentation than the source code! ;)

With regards to using it in a production enviornment, I can't speak for
version 2.1.17 (or whichever version, i forget) we've been using for the
past 48 hours with 25,000 users. But for 2.0.16 which we've been using for
over a year and a half, it's been VERY reliable, and using that little
script, we've been able to recover from more than just a few hardware


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