Cyrus Folder Deletion

David Alix David.Alix at
Wed Apr 9 14:32:35 EDT 2003

Have you checked whether the folders were moved rather than deleted?  We've 
had about a half dozen instances in the last 6 months where users have 
accidentally moved a folder into a subfolder.   We've chalked it up to user 
error, but honestly can't figure out how a folder can be moved without a 
concerted effort.  This has happend with Mulberry and Execmail as clients. 
BTW, our IMAP server is a cousin of the cyrus mailer, from MessagineDirect.

--On Tuesday, April 08, 2003 12:44 PM -0400 Daniel Whelan 
<merlin at> wrote:

> I'm looking into a couple cases of weird mail activity that occured in
> the past week, and have a couple questions. Is there any sort of
> mechanism to log folder creation/deletion commands in Cyrus? It does
> indicate when a user opens mailboxes, but not when they create or delete
> them (which presumably are more significant actions).
> Additionally, has anyone had any experience with either Cyrus or a mail
> client decididing to delete a mail folder without any user intervention?
> Daniel

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