Cyrus and Eudora MIME headers, any way to un-munge?

Betsy Schwartz betsys at
Wed Apr 9 13:47:25 EDT 2003

We're having trouble with IMAP users unable to read messages sent by Eudora 
users. Attachments show up as blank or garbled. The messages have 
non-compliant MIME separators - the mixed/alternative separators use the 
mixed/multipart separators as a substring.

Looking back on this list's archives, I see that this has come up in the 
past - does anyone have a good workaround? Maybe something like a milter 
that'll fix the MIME headers up?

I understand that it's a Eudora problem, but I don't think we're going to 
get a client fix. The latest Eudora still seems to have problems sending 
these. For reading, both Eudora and Netscape users experience the problem, 
but Silkymail works fine.

Right now we're telling MIME  users to use Silkymail as a workaround for 
these particular messages, but that's not really satisfactory. Are there 
any filters or milters that fix this problem? I did see that there's an 
antivirus software called "Mailscanner" that will un-munge the headers, and 
we might want to go in that direction.

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