clarification - email virus protection

Wayne Dawson jongalt at
Thu Apr 10 07:18:04 EDT 2003

Hello everyone
   thanks a lot for everybody's input!
   I just want to make sure I understand something.
   The MTA that I use (which will probably be Postfix) will largely 
determine what AV software I can use, right?
   Now here's the part I want to confirm/clarify:  I am concerned with 
*incoming* email when I talk about scanning for viruses.  Granted, I don't 
want to send any viruses out either, but it isn't my greatest concern - we 
are protecting against viruses on our internal machines anyway, which 
should largely prevent us from sending them out.
   So apparently, here's how it works:

- incoming mail is received by Postfix
- Postfix, or something, initiates the virus scanner
- Postfix drops the mail somewhere
- Cyrus picks up the mail and stores it
- users log into Cyrus to read their mail

- user's mail client talks directly to Postfix to send mail
- Postfix probably doesn't scan for viruses at this point...?
- Postfix sends mail to receiving mail server


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