unread message and file .seen

cinzia lippi cinzia.lippi at smc.it
Wed Apr 9 09:58:17 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I'have installed Cyrus Imap 2.1.12-8 on RedHat 8.0 system.

My Imap Server works very well, I have also restored with success and reconstructed my mailbox from the old
Cyrus Server release 2.0.16 installed on a machine with RedHat 7.2.

My only trouble is that all the messages read now for my client are unread.

Now I have tried to restore my user.seen (clippi.seen) from /home/imap/imap/user/c to /var/lib/imap/user/c
but my messages are already showed me unread.  

Watching the new and the old clippi.seen I have noticed that the two files are different in dimension and format.

There is a command to convert my old .seen format in new .seen format?

In attachment clippi.seen that is my new file .seen and clippi.seen.ori that is my old.


Cinzia Lippi

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