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Hennie Rautenbach hennie at
Thu Apr 10 03:50:46 EDT 2003

Simon Matter wrote:

>Since you are using my rpms, it should be very simple. A little bit more
>info would be nice however, do you use RedHat 8.0?

Redhat 6.2

Would this be a problem with the new RPM ?

>First, please rebuild and upgrade to the latest cyrus-imapd rpm from my
>website. Then, set a password for the cyrus UNIX user by using 'passwd
>cyrus'. Then make sure saslauthd is started and configured to use either
>shadow directly or PAM.
>chkconfig saslauthd on
>service saslauthd start
>Now, run cyrus-imapd but make sure you didn't change any settings in
>service cyrus-imapd start
>Now try:
>cyradm --user=cyrus --auth=login localhost
>Does it work? I'm sure it does!

Thanks, will try and confirm.




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