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Fri Apr 11 12:04:51 EDT 2003

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 10:10:35AM -0400, Ken Murchison wrote:

| > How will it do rejections that are to be done based on the IP address
| > of the MTA that makes the SMTP connection to my MTA?  Is that address
| It can't.  You can only do Sieve rejections based on headers contents,
| SMTP/LMTP envelope contents and message size.  You should read RFC 3028
| to understand the capabilities of Sieve.
| If you want to do blacklisting by IP, then this is an MTA function.

The trouble there is then I'm back to having the MTA accessing the
user's set of filtering rules, and then it has to be in that form.
The MTA will have to understand where to find information about the
user.  That's always been a big complication given the split of an
MTA with the delivery entity (MDA?) which Cyrus would be.  If I could
get things integrated, that would be great.  I'd rather get rid of
the MTA just to get a seamless server.  That would then require adding
on an SMTP daemon and all that support.  But maybe that wouldn't be
so bad; it wouldn't have to be a full SMTP, but just enough to receive
mail from outside MTAs ... at least for my requirements.  A real MTA
can still exist at a different IP address to meet needs for outgoing

If I could get a handle on Cyrus' internals, then I might know how
much I'm getting myself into if I wanted to design such a thing to
add on to Cyrus.  The thing is, while I am a very good programmer,
I'm very lousy at understanding the design by reading other people's
code.  I'm unlikely to understand the "big picture" design by reading
the details in the form of C code.  Perhaps I might get some idea if
I focus on the LMTP daemon code and just try to extend it to do SMTP
and then add on the additional spam filtering that Sieve can't do.

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