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Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Mon Apr 14 12:44:01 EDT 2003

On 14 Apr 2003 18:11:13 +0200 Tarjei Huse <tarjei at> wrote:

> Hi,
> > It appears that "-m special_part" is being ignored as delivery goes into the inbox, 
> > not "special-folder". I first tried "user = cyrus", but that did not work either. 
> > Can anyone explain how I should be doing this please?
> Check the folders ACLs. It needs to have anyone p set on it. This is not
> done by default.
> Tarjei

The man page for deliver says 'If the ACL on any such mailbox does not grant the 
sender the "p" right...'.  I don't see how deliver can determine who the sender is 
unless it uses the username under which the command is being run.  I was using the 
username of the owner of the mailbox.

The man page for cyradm says that the "p" right is "post (send mail to submission 
address for mailbox)".  I'm afraid I could not work out what that meant!

I must say, as a new user of cyrus, I am finding the documentation very difficult.  
The man pages seem to assume you know a lot about cyrus, but the other documents 
don't give you the detail that is needed.

Anyhow, thanks for the information.  I set p rights for anyone and it now works.

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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