messages w/ bare newlines problem

Robert Scussel rscuss at
Mon Apr 14 12:38:49 EDT 2003

In the last few months there have been various posts with hacks/patches 
to allow for null characters to be ignored, and allowed through.  The 
one you want is the patch to lmtp  ( check out the post "Re: NUL 
characters in messages" Sep 8, 2002.

The one question I have, is that I didn't see anything about null 
characters in messages as not being RFC complient, as far as SMTP goes. 
Is there a reason that LMTP decides that they are, or am I missing where 
it says that they are not complient?


Oliver Sommer wrote:
> Hello List!
> I am using the cyrus-imapd version 2.1.11 and postfix 2.0.3 together with lmtp 
> mail delivery.
> Problems came up when copying messages from netscape 7 mailer into imap 
> folders. Many of you probably know this problem already. I couldn't find a 
> solution yet.
> here it is(from what I found out):
> some messages contain formats/characters that are actually not allowed in the 
> RFC. These seem to be NUL characters and the famous "bare newlines".
> some (broken) mail clients send these mails and some MTA's seem to process 
> them, others don't.
> in my case, when copying one of these messages to an imap folder, cyrus 
> refuses the action and states "message contains bare newlines".
> how can I solve the problem? isn't there a way to allow cyrus to process or 
> even convert these messages or would this end in other processing failures?
> I feel there must be a solution.
> thanks is advance, 
> Oliver Sommer

Robert Scussel
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